Yiannis Biliris is an Award-winning Filmmaker and Creative Director with experience in producing videos, global marketing campaigns, and strategies. Worked in Europe and Asia. Co-founder of VisualSuspect.co, video production based in Hong Kong, including collaborations with creative agencies as Ogilvy, BCW Global, and major clients as BBC, Maersk, Huawei, Four Seasons Hotels, ICBC.

My first decision about what to keep inside a frame came at 12 years old: my father bought a VHS camcorder and left it at home, which was the beginning of my most extended love story. From that moment onwards,I shoot.

I started my career in 2001, as an editor, in TV news, entertainment shows, and music video clips. In 2007, I joined Exandas Documentaries, a multi-awarded documentary series.

In 2012, I decided to hit the road for world travel. During this time, I ran a web-based project with interviews of people, exposed photography projects in hospitality places, and documented stories published in major international media. I also met my wife.

We co-founded a video production company, where I am the Creative/Film Director, and we mainly produce videos, with modular teams as small crews of 2, to bigger units of 20+ people. In parallel, I run side projects, such as mini-documentaries, conceptual short films, and interviews of creative fellows.

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