Hooked by a screen,
a self-imposed social distancing

No Means No

Water privatisation in Greece


An economic crisis without a word

Split Normality

A year after the riots in Greece

Parallel Actions

Religion celebrations regardless a population of homeless people

Exandas Documentaries

About the below documentaries,
my role was as film editor.

  • The Argentinan Experiment
  • Wonderful Macroeconomics
  • Selling Air
  • Essence of Another Era
  • When the World Sinks
  • Life for Sale
  • Welcome to Tijuana
  • Secret of the Dawn
  • Zeru Zeru the Ghosts
  • Death in the Land of the Fur
  • Dying in Abundance
  • The Blood of Kouan Kouan
  • The Pack of White Wolves
  • Plain Old Greed
  • Children of a Rape
  • Showdown at the Top of the World
  • 49 Words for Snow
  • Digital Cemeteries
  • Shiva’s Flesh

of shorts & feature documentaries


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